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Please have a look at the project descriptions below and consult potential supervisors to get more information.

selection form: Year 3 Year 4
deadline: Wed 3 Oct 2pm

Once you've decided which projects interest you most, choose your favourite four using the online project selection form by the deadline shown in the table on the overview page. Your selection must include projects from at least three different supervisors. We'll try to accommodate everybody's preferences while keeping the supervision workload balanced between staff. The module co-ordinator's decision on project allocation is final.

The project descriptions linked from the list below specify the topic, supervisor and nature of the project (experimental, computational, theoretical...). All projects are open to all students, but the supervisor can issue guidance as to whether a project is particularly suitable for a specialty or joint degrees. All projects can be chosen by 3rd-year students, but if the project is suitable for 4th-years, there is an additional scope section explaining what is expected of a 4th-year student over and above what a 3rd-year group should aim for. This will typically cover more challenging or difficult aspects of the project, not just a greater amount of data to process.

The novelty section gives you an estimate of how open-ended a project is. A novel research project will be more challenging but also potentially more rewarding, as you may be the first person to discover a novel bit of science. There is a section about project milestones and deliverables against which your progress will be judged. These are project-specific targets which the supervisor specifies to ensure your project remains on track. The general deadlines for assessed components apply independently of these. The references at the bottom are meant to give you some background and starting points for your own literature research.

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full jnt. exp instr data softw theor topic supervisor working title
XXXXmaterAdil MughalBuckling in helical metamaterials
XXXXspaceTony CookA Reflective Pin Hole Telescope
XXXXotherTony CookCardigan Bay Wave Height Measuremnets Using a Telescope
XXXmaterTony CookCosmic Ray Detections with CCD Cameras
XXXXmaterTony CookEfficient Drying of Clothes on Washing Lines
XXXXmaterTony CookFeasibility of Cymatics to Sort Spacecraft Soil Samples
XXXXmaterTony CookInscription/Impression Reading on Archaeological Artefacts and Manuscripts
XXXXspaceTony CookLunar Impact Flash Observations
XXXXspaceTony CookLunar Occultations of Binary Stars
XXXspaceTony CookLunar Polarimetry
XXXXmaterTony CookMechanoluminescence Produced from Rock Particles in a Kitchen Blender
XXXXspaceTony CookNASA LROC Imagery - Change Detection on the Lunar Surface
XXXXspaceTony CookOptical SETI
XXXXmaterTony CookOrb Photography of Dust Particles
XXXspaceTony CookPerturbation of Comet Orbits by Planetary Objects (not to be chosen by pairs)
XXXXspaceTony CookPhysics of a Collimator Telescope
XXXXotherTony CookSea Surface Characteristic Monitoring Using A Robotic Telescope
XXXmaterTony CookString Telephone Experiments
XXXXspaceTony CookTransient Lunar Phenomena
XXXXspaceTony CookTransient Lunar Phenomenon Detection Techniques
XXXXspaceBalázs PintérBell’s Spaceship Paradox
XXXXspaceBalázs PintérEffects of Solar Weather on the Earth's Magnetosphere
XXXXspaceBalázs PintérRelativistic Doppler Effects
XXXspaceBalázs PintérRevisiting the Twin Paradox of Special Relativity
XXXXspaceBalázs PintérThe Lock and Key Paradox of Special Relativity
XXXXspaceBalázs PintérTracking a Sunspot
XXXXspaceBalázs PintérVisual Appearance of Fast-Moving Objects
XXXXspaceBalázs PintérWave Propagation in Inhomogeneous Media
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonComputational Simulation of C60 and Fullerene derivatives
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonComputational Simulation of Chiral Molecules
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonComputational Simulations of Organic Semiconductors
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonOptical Properties of Polymer Opal Thin-films
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonQuantitative measurements of photoluminescent organic semiconductors
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonRheological Study of Soft Photonics Materials
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonRheology of functional polymer blends
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonSimulating Photonic Crystals; periodicity in dielectric multilayers
XXXmaterChris FinlaysonSmall molecule semiconductors; experiment and theory
XXXXmaterChris FinlaysonTesting of Silicon Solar Cell Modules
XXXmaterAndrew EvansElectrical characteristics of wide band-gap semiconductor diodes
XXXmaterAndrew EvansElectron emission from semiconductor surfaces
XXXXmaterAndrew EvansOptical properties of nanoparticles
XXXXmaterAndrew EvansSpectroscopy of ultrathin films
XXXXmaterDave LangstaffAnalysis of wobbling drop video data
XXXmaterDave LangstaffDesign, construction and calibration of a low-cost spectrometer
XXXXmaterDave LangstaffDetection and remediation of hot pixel events
XXXmaterDave LangstaffDetermination of Ice volume by capacitance measurement
XXXXmaterDave LangstaffOscillating chemical reactions
XXXXspaceDave LangstaffSunspot tracking using ImageJ and Python
XXXXmaterEdwin FlikkemaBouncing billiard balls: modelling the dynamics of hard sphere systems
XXXXmaterEdwin FlikkemaGraph based sampling of fully-coordinated geometries of clusters of network-forming materials
XXXXmaterEdwin FlikkemaHow to avoid getting stuck: using Parallel Tempering to simulate systems at low temperature
XXXXmaterEdwin FlikkemaKnots, links, rings and other things: simulating topological interaction in polymer systems
XXXXmaterEdwin FlikkemaSnakes on a lattice: using Wang-Landau sampling to study a simple polymer model
XXXXmaterEdwin FlikkemaThe Ising magnet: a simple model for phase transitions
XXXXspaceHeather McCreadieAnalysis of a geomagnetic Storm
XXXspaceHeather McCreadieExamination of the Dst Index.
XXXXspaceHeather McCreadieExamination of the exoplanet Ross 128 b (not to be chosen by pairs)
XXXXspaceHeather McCreadieMapping the Sq current system
XXspaceHeather McCreadieNuances of magnetic variometers (not to be chosen by pairs)
XXXXspaceHeather McCreadieWhat is the definition of geomagnetic quiet time?
XXXXotherHeather McCreadieWhat's in a geomagnetic measurement?
XXXXspaceHeather McCreadieWhy do we need all of the geomagnetic indices?
XXXXspaceHuw MorganA large statistical study of solar active region mass/temperatures from 2010-2016
XXXXspaceHuw MorganAutomated detection and classification of filaments/coronal holes in solar EUV images
XXXspaceHuw MorganCME events in the low corona as observed by AIA/SDO
XXspaceHuw MorganRobotic Solar Telescopes
XXXXspaceHuw MorganSpace Weather forecasting: Predicting the occurrence of large eruptions from solar active regions
XXXXspaceHuw MorganWhat's hot and what's not: a multi-wavelength study of the Sun
XXXXqitJukka KiukasReading information from a noisy quantum bit
XXXqitJohn GoughCombinatorics and quantum theory
XXXotherJohn GoughFeedback & Control Theory for Physicists
XXXotherJohn GoughLocalizing the Relativistic Electron (not to be chosen by pairs)
XXXqitJohn GoughPath Integrals
XXXqitJohn GoughRelativistic Particles
XXXXspaceMaire GormanCalculation of line lists for OH+ and OH-
XXXXspaceMaire GormanCalculation of a line list for Strontium Hydride, SrH
XXXXspaceMaire GormanDynamical stability of multi-planet exoplanet systems
XXXXspaceMaire GormanMARVEL analysis of FeH
XXXXspaceMaire GormanMolecules in Sunspots: MARVEL analysis of BaO
XXXXspaceMaire GormanPython coding (transit curves)
XXXXspaceMaire GormanWhat's that smell? Molecular spectroscopy of nasty gases emitted from volcanoes
XXXXmaterRachel CrossAnalysis of minerals and pigments for heritage science
XXXmaterRachel CrossMeasuring strain and colour in diamonds
XXXmaterRachel CrossNano diamond interaction with natural bio-pigments
XXXXmaterRachel CrossOptical properties of Boron Nitride
XXXXmaterRachel CrossOptical properties of synthetic diamond
XXXXmaterRachel CrossSurface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
XXXXmaterRudi WinterBubble raft model of mechanical stress in granular crystalline materials
XXXXmaterRudi WinterDispersion and segregation of suspensions
XXXmaterRudi WinterFilm deposition under the microscope
XXXmaterRudi WinterImpact resistance of non-Newtonian fluids
XXXXmaterRudi WinterMud, glorious mud - sedimentation dynamics
XXXXmaterRudi WinterNanosphere lithography: patterns emerging by self-assembly
XXXmaterRudi WinterPhotoelasticity: visualising strain in polymer films
XXXmaterRudi WinterQuantitative imaging of polymer blend films
XXXXotherEleri PryseApplication of modern technology to complement secondary-school Physics studies
XXXotherEleri PryseExperimental Tomography
XXXXotherEleri PryseExperiments and Demonstrations to complement A level Physics studies
XXXspaceEleri PryseSimulation of radio-wave propagation using ultrasound
XXXXspaceEleri PryseSolar wind conditions driving geomagnetic activity
XXXXotherEleri PryseTomography - a theoretical study
XXXXotherTom KnightAutomatic identification and Analysis of Moving Objects
XXXXmaterTom KnightFeature Parameterisation for Grazing Incidence X-Ray Scattering
XXXXmaterTom KnightFeature Spatial Analysis of Data from Atomic Force Microscopy
XXXotherTom KnightParametrising Transient Phenomena From Image Sequences
XXXXspaceTom KnightParametrising Transient Sunspot Properties
XXXXmaterTom KnightSpherical Data Display
XXXXotherTom KnightVisualisation of Physical and Mathematical Concepts for Education and Outreach
XXXspaceXing Li Non-linear Alfven waves
XXspaceXing LiMulti-spacecraft data analysis of plasma turbulence
XXXXspaceXing LiObservational study of MHD waves in the solar corona
XXXspaceXing LiRotational motions of solar filaments/prominences
XXspaceXing LiStreamer waves
XXXspaceXing LiTwisting a magnetic tube: filament eruption and coronal mass ejections
XXXXspaceYoura TaroyanAbsolute and Convective Instabilities
XXXXspaceYoura TaroyanAlfven waves in the solar atmosphere
XXXXspaceYoura TaroyanEffect of gravity on sound waves
XXXXspaceYoura TaroyanSolar chromospheric dynamics
XXXXspaceYoura TaroyanTheory of magnetic reconnection
XXXspaceYoura TaroyanWave detection in the solar atmosphere with Hinode/EIS

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