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Physics projects for Y3 and Y4 students

Project plan

Project plan

Marking scheme

20%Clear idea of what the project entails
50%Realistic timing at appropriate level of detail; contingency planning where appropriate
30%Realistic representation of resources needed

The project plan is a short document (max. two pages) detailing the steps you need to take, and the order in which to take them, to complete your project. This can be in a list or table format but needs to be sufficiently comprehensive to enable you and your supervisor to monitor progress during the course of the experimental phase. The project plan should include a table of dated milestones specific to your take on the project.

The project plan also needs to have a resource section, where you describe any external resources you require, and at what point in the project these will be needed. This includes items that need to be bought in, objects to be built by the workshops, and any input you need from people other than yourself or your supervisor. You should also mention here if your project relies on particular weather conditions at certain times (although the Institute cannot guarantee to deliver them to order!) and make alternative provisions in case they don't materialise.

If you need to have something built by the workshops, your project plan should include a finalised design plan which has been agreed upon with both your supervisor and workshop staff. If your project involves 3D printing, you should read David Lewis's Introduction to CAD Design.

Make sure you and your supervisor discuss your project plan in detail before you submit it.

You must consider the risks involved in your project at the time of planning. If your project involves risks other than those typical of office work, you should do this using the assessment matrix contained in the AU risk assessment form. Dave Langstaff, in his capacity as Departmental safety officer, has put together more information about assessing risk in this presentation.

If your project involves animals or people (even as survey participants), you also need to provide an ethics assessment. Please discuss this with your supervisor if in doubt.

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